Thursday, September 20, 2012

Most, and more.

Why define me as this or that?
I am more.

My potential, endless.
My possibilities, limitless.

Conform, rebel, or strike a balance.
I do, what I please.

Sometimes, black; others, white.
Often, shades of grey.

I seek change. I detest change.
The ambivalence, profound, but not all.

I am selfish. I am selfless.
I am something. I am nothing.

I initiate, I withdraw. I lead, I follow.
On indecision, too, I dwell.

I believe. I doubt.
I hold on. I give up. I move on.

I rejoice. I brood.
And then, I feel no more.

I accept. I censure.
Then, participation I cease.

Back, forth and again.

I fear. I rise.

Flawed, gifted, doomed.
The infinite unknown, in between.

I can be anything,
I can be everything.

I am all. All is I.

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