Saturday, April 18, 2015


Faded jeans and superhero tee-shirts
Clipped nails and no makeup
Wearing flats, carrying a backpack,
I’m ready to take on the world.
There’s nothing I can’t do,
No limits that I know of.
To take the step, to accelerate,
The time is now.
Now, more than ever!

I am three and twenty years young,
As yet unmarried.
Further disinclined, rather uninterested.
A major concern for the parental units.
And all those of my kin, far and near.
Each of them wanting nothing but The Best for me.
The best that they will decide.

Wham! Unanticipated road blocks and sudden breaks!
Tears, fights, stalemate.
Autopilot on, follow the road,
Present my best profile to the expert’s lens.
Feel comfortable, but strike a pose.
Stand straight, but not too much.
Everything in moderation, nothing in excess.

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